Adventures of the PAW Patrol 2 Wiki
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This page has all the pups cars.And there ready to save the world.

  1. Chase has a blue police vehicle. There are traffic cones in the back and whenever Chase barks in a certain way, the front slides up to reveal a bone-shaped winch. The vehicle number is 02.
  2. Marshall has a red fire truck. There is a ladder in the back. Marshall can make the ladder go up by barking in a certain way; he can also make the hose on the truck squirt water by barking. The vehicle number is 03.
  3. Skye has a pink helicopter. There is a harness in the back. Only Ryder, Rocky, and Marshall have used the harness. Skye's helicopter contains a cable that can be used to pick up out-of-reach objects. The vehicle number is 04.
  4. Rocky has a green recycle truck. He stores old bits there that can be used later on. The vehicle number is 05.
  5. Zuma has an orange hovercraft. Zuma can shoot life-rings from the hovercraft. The vehicle number is 07.
  6. Introduced in the flashblack, Rubble has a yellow bulldozer. There is a drill-arm in the back, and there is also a digger scoop. The vehicle number is 06.
  7. Introduced in Season 2, Everest has a white and teal snow plow. It can plow through snow. There is also a claw that lift big things like a tree trunk. The vehicle number is 09.
  8. Introduced in Season 3, Tracker has a Jeep is a white off-road vehicle with green stripes on it resembling camouflage. It has 4 spotlights on the top. His symbol is on each side of The vehicle number is 11.
  9. Introduced in Season 6, The mighty twins, Tuck and Ella have a blue car that can be divided into 2 motercycles for both twins.
  10. Introduced in Season 7, Rex has a blue and lime green dino truck. The vehicle number is 19.
  11. Introduced also in Season 7, Wild Cat's vehicle is a gray motorcycle. It made its debut in the Season 7episode "Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack". The vehicle number is 21.
  12. Introduced in "PAW Patrol: The Movie", Liberty's vehicle is a coral three-wheeler which debuted in the Paw Patrol feature movie. The vehicle number is 22.