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Chompy the Beaver is a male beaver who appeared in "Pups Save the Beavers".


Chompy is part of the beaver clan that lives by Farmer Yumi's Farm. They live in a beaver dam that they built out of wood. He is a known leader of The Wildlife Patrol Audryck befriended him in Mighty Animals: The Great Paw Patrol Rescue.


Chompy (and all beavers in general) do not regard the property of others- especially if it's made out of wood. This is shown when he chews down Farmer Yumi's Farm, part of Alex Porter's tree house and Mayor Goodway's newly completed totem pole.


Chompy, like the rest of the beavers in Adventure Bay, has a mahogany colored topside and a tan underside which extends the lower half of his face. His tail is dark brown and he has two large buck teeth that are used for chewing on wood. Dark brown is also the color of his nose and long claws. Although his tiny ears are darker in color, they are not as dark as his tail. In Mighty Animals: The Great Paw Patrol Rescue, he wears a bright orange collar with a beaver tag.