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Captain Blackfur was a pirate pup that used to sail the seas in Adventure Bay. His treasure was discovered by Cap'n Turbot and the PAW Patrol in "Pups and the Pirate Treasure".

Captain Blackfur has a large ship with flags bearing skulls and bones. He could've had a whole crew to sail along with him, but so far, nothing has been confirmed. Historically is considered Adventure Bay's most infamous and yet mysterious pirate. He was also rumored to have hidden his pirate treasure, which is later proven true when the PAW Patrol manage to find it in "Pups and the Pirate Treasure".

Captain Blackfur's personality is one of the many mysteries surrounding Adventure Bay's most infamous and mysterious pirate. He appears to have a love of treasure and gained an infamous reputation, while still remaining a mysterious figure (even fact that he was an English Bulldog pup was not generally known and he was assumed to have been a human pirate, until his treasure and portrait where found in "Pups and the Pirate Treasure"). Despite being a pirate (and thus a criminal in the eyes of the law), he apparently possessed some noble traits, as his instructions that where included with the treasure requested that the once his treasure was found that it be returned to the good people of Adventure Bay. He also left behind a map to his treasure, indicating that he intended that he may have planned for it to be found one day so it could be returned to the people of Adventure Bay. His photo could also be seen in "Pups Save a Mer-Pup" when Zuma got trapped in the shipwreck indicating it was either a popular portrait or that the shipwreck was one of Captain Blackfur's previous pirate vessel that was scuttled (intentionally sunk) or lost at sea.

Captain Blackfur looks almost identical to Rubble, but also has a small black beard below his mouth, hence the "Blackfur" name. He also has golden earrings, an eye-patch, and a green pirate hat.