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Agoffe Agoffe 24 April 2019

This Wikia is under the protection under the rules of SSBFWU123!

  1. Create your own episodes
  2. Think of a character you love
  3. Think of a place you like to live
  4. Think of a things you love
  5. Add talk pages to your friends
  6. Recieving a message from people all over the world
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OthaBlandTheSecond OthaBlandTheSecond 9 April 2019

What happened to the original Adventures of the PAW Patrol Wiki?!?!?

I had so many great ideas and stuff posted on that site including songs, parodies of other songs, relationships articles, my Railway Pups idea and my acclaimed Global Response Pups idea!! Now it's all gone!!!!! Why was the original Adventures of the PAW Patrol Wiki disabled?!?!? I'm so frickin angry and upset!!!!!!!!!!! >={    :'(

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