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Apollo the Super-Pup is the main character of a fictional television show that the PAW Patrol team watches.

Apollo is a superhero with the ability to fly. He is most often seen on television. There is also a comic-strip version of the character, as Marshall mentions in one episode. Rubble is one of his biggest fans, even dressing up like him in "Pups Save a Super Pup" and "Pups Save Jake." He appears as part of Rubble's dream in "Pups Save Apollo." In the episode, the PAW Patrol saves him and the bunnies from the Spider King (Apollo's archnemesis).

Apollo has white fur and light blue eyes. He wears a blue mask with a red stripe, a yellow uniform with a blue paw symbol on the front, a red cape, and four red boots. When seen as a cartoon, Apollo has light gray fur and entirely black eyes.